The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

2 February 2017

The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith


Hilary is a writer, poet, minister and scholar.

She has worked in the United Kingdom in various parishes and chaplaincy appointments including as Associate Minister at St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh. She was also Development Officer at New College, the School of Divinity, The University of Edinburgh.

She has divided her time between Scotland and New Zealand and for the past few years has enjoyed a creative relationship with Vaughan Park as Curator and Editor of Moments, the writing and poetry page on the Vaughan Park website. She also is the social media editor for the Centre.

She has recently returned to New Zealand to live and work and has been appointed Priest—Exploring Spirituality at Vaughan Park.

Hilary has lived and worked on Iona in the Western Isles of Scotland and is an Associate Member of The Iona Community. Her particular interest is in the field of Celtic spirituality and she gives retreats, workshops and teaches on this subject. Her website is

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