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Q and A for Dec Hikoi

What linen/bedding will I need to bring?

All bedding will be provided except at Marae where you will need a sleeping bag or blanket as these are not available (sheets and pillows are provided). Bring a towel.

Will I need to carry my backpack on walking legs?

We will transport luggage between accommodation stops. Bring a day pack to carry water/snacks, raincoat etc.

What type of surfaces/terrain will we be walking on?

There is quite a lot of walking on gravel surfaces, also beach and rock sections. Tracks can be very muddy in wet weather, shoes need stiff soles and a good depth of tread.

What level of walking fitness is required?

A moderate level of fitness required. The terrain is quite undulating, particularly Opua to Paihia and through the Waitangi forest. Combining this with over 25 km distance on one day makes it somewhat challenging. We recommend if you are not walking regularly, to train in the weeks leading up to the Hikoi. A suggested training regime for non-walkers for the three weeks before the Hikoi as follows…

Week 1 – 5 km (1 hour) twice a week.
Week 2 – 10 km (2 hours) twice a week.
Week 3 – 15 km (3 hours) twice a week

What type of accommodation will we be staying at?

Backpacker’s style – shared sleeping areas, a mixture of amenities with shared rooms and separate from sleeping areas.


Whilst Vaughan Park will take all reasonable precautions in the arrangements for the Hikoi, you will be participating at your own risk and will be required to sign a Disclaimer to this effect as a part of registration.

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