When time has gone

When time has gone

The Rev. Erice Fairbrother

6 January 2017


When time has gone
And christians find an honest voice
To sing an honest song
travellers will come again
Guided not by far off signs
but by heart-strong beats
and feet firm-treading ways
more simply laid
then wise travellers
will not leave by night
but find beyond their starry pantheons
true rest, a place to stay
tables spread with every kind of nourishment
of stories shared like wine and bread
blessings of peace given and received
in life’s sweet kiss
of open hospitality

© Erice Fairbrother

Let the wonder
Of Epiphany be;

Less of God
Less of me

And more of thee

©Erice Fairbrother

Image Pinterest AU, source unknown.

This meditation and benediction was previously published in www.giftsinopenhands.wordpress.com