Letter to the world-weary heart

Letter to the world-weary heart

The Rev. Gayanne Frater

25 September 2017

‘Tis easy,
is it not,
to allow those who walk
halls of power
to assume
‘larger than life’
as if your sphere
of influence,
is too small
to be of any note.
Your voice,
the truths you know,
at the core of your being,
shrink within,
dwindling to  wondering whispers
across your heart’s landscape.
Your knowing,
rises from the belly,
rages even within,
clamouring to be heard,
though seldom spoken aloud.
(except in the privacy of your home, maybe?)
Words of prophetic potentiality
lie muted,
behind closed lips,
against the backdrop
of the louder,
oft repeated,
sound bite news bits,
as truth,
in reality
nothing more
than slanted
woefully inadequate
shards of slivered truth,
distorted to entertain,
not to inform.
‘Tis tempting to accept
the numbing of the brain,
and compassion’s overload
that comes from having
hearts that care,
to accept this
you now occupy,
and become silent
or powerless
to the outrageous
injustices writ large on
global screens.
This, however, is not your calling.
You must stand,
and act
with hope, faith and love
and in integrity,
You must be the people
you proclaim yourselves to be,
no matter how tiny
your sphere of influence
may appear.
Hope rises
with the utterance of
the tiniest of words,
little acts of kindness
and solidarity,
and the first step
and then the next.
You must never forget
that hidden in the oft dismissed
and overlooked ‘tinyness’ of life
lies greatness,
says the mustard seed.

©Gayanne Frater

Image Mustard Plant, Wikimedia Commons