• Death watch silences Google

    Sande Ramage 4 February 2012

    Sometimes the questions we have are too subtle for Google and anyway, the answers may already be inscribed upon our heart. more»
  • Religion for atheists

    Sande Ramage 25 January 2012

    Even for people who consider themselves to be 'not religious', talking about God is a favourite topic as long as we start at what the philosopher Alain de Botton calls the very, very beginning. more»
  • Purpose in poverty?

    Sande Ramage 24 January 2012

    Life is not fair. Some people have much and others have little. Wanting more than we have is a common response to this hard reality. more»
  • Text Connect

    Sande Ramage 24 January 2012

    Texting connects us in a way that nothing else has. Could this be a spiritual practice that helps us build a beautiful world? more»
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