1 June 2017

  • 3 March 2013

    No matter how much my Mum tried to speak softly about the outrageous goings on in the Presbyterian Church with 'that man Geering', I could hear her telephone whisperings. more»
    The wonder of Benedict, Geering and my Mum
  • 2 April 2016

    Focussed was I,
    on the pain of fiery rage
    I lost sight of fire' beauty... more»
    The fire of Divine Love
  • 8 November 2012

    Without a ground of faith between people, within institutions and among communities, it will be near impossible for any law or regulation to gain a meaningful hold. more»
    Keeping faith
  • 25 January 2013

    It was for the promise of a sixpence that I recited Burns' epic masterpiece, Tam O' Shanter. Hilary Smith celebrates the birthday of the bard. more»
    Whisky, haggis, love an' a' that
  • 23 February 2013

    The cross collides as a symbol of Roman oppression and Christian hope. Out of the debris of that wreck, the impenetrability of death is exposed as a fa├žade.

    Roadside crosses mark the growth spot
  • 25 April 2016

    The hallowing of memory is restorative, moving us, not only to give thanks for the gifts of life and freedom which we take for granted, but to bring to birth, in our own hearts and lives, a harvest of goodness, justice and peace. more»
  • 3 November 2012

    Is Brand Christianity male, didactic and interested in power? Perhaps not but it seemed that way at a conference to discuss the common good. Kitchen table theology is a great leveler by offering another reality. more»
    Kitchen table theology levels Christianity
  • 3 February 2013

    Amongst the debris on my desk sits a small skull. It's just big enough to remind me that I'm not long for this world. more»
    Living with my desk skull
  • 2 November 2012

    As the godwits land after their epic journey we experience the sacred goodness and grace at the heart of creation, in communion with God who is at the very heart of life more»
    Small feathered miracles
  • 27 October 2012

    Smoke from the incense burner hovered tentatively over the altar of St Andrews in the Paddock as though surprised to find itself resurrected in this tiny country church. more»
    Honest doubters practice resurrection
  • 22 October 2012

    If we are to be one as Jesus and the Father are one then our primary responsibility is to arrive at a common understanding in respect of the major social issues we face today in Aotearoa New Zealand. more»
    Religion and politics make one
  • 19 October 2012

    Dr Norman Maclean has strong views on abortion but his views are prejudiced just like yours and mine. The key to the abortion debate is to learn to listen deeply to unfamiliar languages, stories and experience, and be prepared to change our views. more»
    Abortion debate aids human flourishing
  • 16 October 2012

    British Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, took the risky step of talking about faith this week. 'Not a religious faith,' he was quick to point out, 'but a faith nonetheless; a faith that I believe many religious people would recognise.' more»
    Ed Miliband's prophetic voice
  • 7 October 2012

    Nothing appears to be more important than we want to imagine. For reality, as physics writer Amanda Gefter says, 'may come down to mathematics, but mathematics comes down to nothing at all.'.. The science of no-thing was converging with my experience of God as nothing at all. more»
  • 30 September 2012

    By saying no to men Muslim artist Sophia Al-Maria has opened up a seam of resistance to the persistent process of wrapping and unwrapping women for consumption. more»
    Muslim woman's seam of resistance
  • 23 September 2012

    I heard about a kid who used to burn palm crosses whenever sex sauntered across his mind. He was a normal adolescent but confused about one of the most powerful drivers in his life. He's not alone in that confusion given that we're all born on fire with desire. more»
    On fire with desire
  • 11 September 2012

    I want to share with you why I feel a gay marriage can be consistent with Christian principles, and how I have come to this point of view over a period of many years. more»
    Bishop Richard on gay marriage & same-sex relationships
  • 9 September 2012

    So God might have said, 'along with the light and all that other good stuff, let there be space, and lets see how you get to grips with that!'

    Getting to grips with space
  • 3 September 2012

    My head said 'don't take risks,' while my heart said 'do something else,' for my congregation of mainly women. more»
    Invisibility: it's not rocket science
  • 30 August 2012

    After years of being in schools, I have a strong sense that sensitive and
    thoughtful young people offer insights and understanding about the complexities of life when, in the words of Andrew Thackrah, they pull from their bags, "pens of freedom" so that the words will flow. more»
    Pens of freedom
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