• John Fairbrother 8 November 2012

    Without a ground of faith between people, within institutions and among communities, it will be near impossible for any law or regulation to gain a meaningful hold. more»
    Keeping faith
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 6 November 2012

    The profound logic of God's symphony
    requires a new theme come to voice
    so Mary
    totally unsuspecting more»
  • Sande Ramage 3 November 2012

    Is Brand Christianity male, didactic and interested in power? Perhaps not but it seemed that way at a conference to discuss the common good. Kitchen table theology is a great leveler by offering another reality. more»
    Kitchen table theology levels Christianity
  • Hilary Smith 2 November 2012

    As the godwits land after their epic journey we experience the sacred goodness and grace at the heart of creation, in communion with God who is at the very heart of life more»
    Small feathered miracles
  • Sande Ramage 27 October 2012

    Smoke from the incense burner hovered tentatively over the altar of St Andrews in the Paddock as though surprised to find itself resurrected in this tiny country church. more»
    Honest doubters practice resurrection
  • Susan Smith 22 October 2012

    If we are to be one as Jesus and the Father are one then our primary responsibility is to arrive at a common understanding in respect of the major social issues we face today in Aotearoa New Zealand. more»
    Religion and politics make one
  • Sande Ramage 19 October 2012

    Dr Norman Maclean has strong views on abortion but his views are prejudiced just like yours and mine. The key to the abortion debate is to learn to listen deeply to unfamiliar languages, stories and experience, and be prepared to change our views. more»
    Abortion debate aids human flourishing
  • Sande Ramage 16 October 2012

    British Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, took the risky step of talking about faith this week. 'Not a religious faith,' he was quick to point out, 'but a faith nonetheless; a faith that I believe many religious people would recognise.' more»
    Ed Miliband's prophetic voice
  • The Rev. John Fairbrother 12 October 2012

    Awe-struck wonder, restless life
    weigh lightly on
    gentle hearts, open minds,
    freeing spirits to rise. more»
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 12 October 2012

    Jack, eighteen
    died on his motorbike
    the Ugly Sister
    expert in camouflage
    and ambuscade more»
  • The Rev. John Fairbrother 10 October 2012

    Somewhere between feelings and intellect prayers may be born.
    Holy Island is a meditative reflection offered for
    personal and community use.
    Holy Island
  • Sande Ramage 7 October 2012

    Nothing appears to be more important than we want to imagine. For reality, as physics writer Amanda Gefter says, 'may come down to mathematics, but mathematics comes down to nothing at all.'.. The science of no-thing was converging with my experience of God as nothing at all. more»
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 4 October 2012

    The random scoop of raw prawns
    from the seafood counter all fearfully
    and wonderfully made; wrenching
    off their heads a posthumous violation more»
  • Sande Ramage 30 September 2012

    By saying no to men Muslim artist Sophia Al-Maria has opened up a seam of resistance to the persistent process of wrapping and unwrapping women for consumption. more»
    Muslim woman's seam of resistance
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 30 September 2012

    They fret and chafe and set us all on edge
    as their religious festivals approach.
    But this week, men, the gods have smiled on us ‑ more»
  • Sande Ramage 23 September 2012

    I heard about a kid who used to burn palm crosses whenever sex sauntered across his mind. He was a normal adolescent but confused about one of the most powerful drivers in his life. He's not alone in that confusion given that we're all born on fire with desire. more»
    On fire with desire
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 13 September 2012

    Entering alone the silent
    otherness of the tunnelled
    world; with close intent more»
  • The Rev. John Fairbrother 13 September 2012

     A response to the Moments article (9 Sept. 2012) Getting to grips with space by The Rev Sande Ramage Spacious Living. Why do we tolerate, create, celebrate, engineer such noise more»
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 13 September 2012

    Jealous of her authority
    bruised by her loss
    the Ugly Sister sat
    unnoticed more»
  • Richard Randerson 11 September 2012

    I want to share with you why I feel a gay marriage can be consistent with Christian principles, and how I have come to this point of view over a period of many years. more»
    Bishop Richard on gay marriage & same-sex relationships
  • spiritedcrone/ Sande Ramage 9 September 2012

    So God might have said, 'along with the light and all that other good stuff, let there be space, and lets see how you get to grips with that!'

    Getting to grips with space
  • Susan Smith 3 September 2012

    My head said 'don't take risks,' while my heart said 'do something else,' for my congregation of mainly women. more»
    Invisibility: it's not rocket science
  • Frank Sheehan highlighting Andrew Thackrah 30 August 2012

    After years of being in schools, I have a strong sense that sensitive and
    thoughtful young people offer insights and understanding about the complexities of life when, in the words of Andrew Thackrah, they pull from their bags, "pens of freedom" so that the words will flow. more»
    Pens of freedom
  • Sande Ramage 25 August 2012

    I was curious when Stephanie Dowrick, writer, commentator and inter-faith minister was going to conduct an inter-faith baptism at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney. more»
    Shifting spiritual tides
  • Susan Smith 16 August 2012

    I think that blood donors are intuitively Eucharistic people, not in a church building, but in their everyday lives by pouring out their blood for others. more»
    Common garden blood
  • Sande Ramage 14 August 2012

    A bishop I knew used to get frustrated by unused churches being resurrected as cafes. I wondered whether he thought soup and toast in chalice and paten didn't have quite the same transformative power as wine and wafers. more»
    Grand designs beyond belief
  • Cherry Hamilton 10 August 2012

    “Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass.” more»
    Knowledge without wisdom
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 7 August 2012

    Easter Day 2012
    stretched out
    full length
    upon the pavers
    breathing her
    relaxed kelpie more»
  • Sande Ramage 29 July 2012

    We must seek to understand how people make meaning even if this challenges the dominance of the medical model, which seems to have taken the place of a powerful, all knowing God that many say they don't believe in any more. more»
    Whanganui DHB alternative therapies trial courageous
  • Sande Ramage 20 July 2012

    Sir Paul Reeves and Sir Mason Durie. Two Knights with a great deal in common beyond their shared heritage. What was it? more»
    Knights in common
  • Richard Randerson 18 July 2012

    Let's not fight with science about how the world was made: issues of physics, mass, Higgs boson particles, space and energy, belong in the realm of science. Religion is a complementary truth, one that marvels in the physical universe but seeks to discern the eternal wisdom and trust that is essential to the well-being of the human race, and the preservation of all creation for the good of ourselves and those who come after us. more»
    God and the Higgs Boson particle
  • Sande Ramage 15 July 2012

    Maybe God is like our inner secrets. As fragile and breakable as a glass that we fumble with before the weight of it forces our fingers open and it smashes on the ground beneath. more»
    Secrets, God and broken glass
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 11 July 2012

    Mr Wistful? No
    not one of our
    regulars more»
  • Sande Ramage 6 July 2012

    For a community activist to step into a sovereign bishop role, when he already has strong ideas of his own about the form and direction of change, could take some fancy footwork. more»
    Bishop Justin will need fancy footwork
  • Susan Smith 4 July 2012

    On Matakohe Island, we break bread together after making the island a better place for young kiwi, native lizards and other native birds. There's something liturgical about the whole morning for me. more»
    Church free liturgy
  • Cherry Hamilton 4 July 2012

    It is humbling and strange, disconcerting yet reassuring, to think that I am worth as much as Mother Theresa, yet no more than Robert Mugabe. more»
    What are you worth?
  • The Rev. James M McPherson 3 July 2012

    The Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus, fam Halcyonidae) is found in Australia and New Zealand and other areas of the southwest Pacific. more»
  • The Rev. John Fairbrother 3 July 2012

    These poems are a reflection on memory of a five day retreat taken in the mid 1990's, while serving at that time in Wellington City as a Vicar along with various other diocesan roles. more»
  • Sande Ramage 30 June 2012

    Talking about death makes many people feel vulnerable. Talk about euthanasia and the vulnerability in some circles is overwhelming. This suggests to me that there is something important to talk about. more»
    Euthanasia and the vulnerable art of dying
  • Susan Smith 27 June 2012

    Some years ago I read an article–I cannot remember where–that implied a contemporary Christian engagement with environmental concerns and the subsequent development of eco-theologies was little more than what the author called 'neo-paganism', something to be avoided....But surely the heavens reveal the wonder of God. more»
    Wondering at the heavens
  • Sande Ramage 23 June 2012

    Religion has to have a visceral grip, get us in the guts at the place where we can say yes, aha, I get that even if I don't have words for it. At the same time it has to have an intellectual credibility that makes sense to us in our time and place. more»
    Matariki makes heart & head sense
  • Sande Ramage 16 June 2012

    As the support for same-sex marriage grows stronger I'm realising what a great treasure civil unions are. Part of their value has been the ability to subvert thinking about how and with whom we can be intimately bound to one another. more»
    Civil unions a subversive treasure
  • Cherry Hamilton 8 June 2012

    Lindsay Lohan recently had the words 'Live without regrets' tattooed onto her wrist. She is not alone in this sentiment. It seems that every time I read an interview of a celebrity with an, er, colourful history, they invariably say that despite their weekly trips to rehab, regular forays into prison and string of messy relationships, they have no regrets whatsoever. more»
    Je ne regret rien:  Live without regrets
  • Sande Ramage 27 May 2012

    Medicine and religion have strong cultures of life-saving heroics. Both must come to terms with what they are not to offer a shared approach to healing. more»
    Medicine and spirituality can go beyond life-saving heroics
  • Sande Ramage 20 May 2012

    Nearly 50% of Wellington teenagers purposefully harm themselves before they turn 18. While frightening, it may indicate an important spiritual journey is underway. more»
    Teenage self-harm may be spiritual awakening
  • Sande Ramage 12 May 2012

    Mysticism dwells deep within the spiritual impulse of humanity, religiously appearing in the work of artists. Trouble is it's only apparent if you assume nothing. more»
    Mysticism: the art of assuming nothing
  • Sande Ramage 6 May 2012

    Maybe the election of the new bishop of Wellington says much more about the grey heads 'hungry for Justin' than it does about the Rev'd Duckworth. For no individual, whatever their dream or commitment to a better world has been able to significantly change an institution, and it's not for want of trying. more»
    Hungry for Bishop Justin
  • Sande Ramage 28 April 2012

    We only remember some things on Anzac Day. Perhaps its shame and embarrassment that keeps us from remembering the brutal way conscientious objectors were treated. more»
    Anzac Day Amnesia
  • Sande Ramage 19 April 2012

    The symbol of God's presence had become a great emptiness. A bit like the ruin that Christchurch Cathedral is now. more»
    Cardboard cathedral's impermanence has promise
  • Sande Ramage 15 April 2012

    When myth becomes embedded in the concrete world of religious dogma and misrepresents itself as the only story, it can become linear, flat and one dimensional, losing its ability to get under our skin where it belongs. more»
    Grave wisdom
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