Writing | Jun 2012

  • Wondering at the heavens

    Susan Smith 27 June 2012

    Some years ago I read an article–I cannot remember where–that implied a contemporary Christian engagement with environmental concerns and the subsequent development of eco-theologies was little more than what the author called 'neo-paganism', something to be avoided....But surely the heavens reveal the wonder of God. more»
  • Matariki makes heart & head sense

    The Rev. Sande Ramage 23 June 2012

    Religion has to have a visceral grip, get us in the guts at the place where we can say yes, aha, I get that even if I don't have words for it. At the same time it has to have an intellectual credibility that makes sense to us in our time and place. more»
  • Civil unions a subversive treasure

    The Rev. Sande Ramage 16 June 2012

    As the support for same-sex marriage grows stronger I'm realising what a great treasure civil unions are. Part of their value has been the ability to subvert thinking about how and with whom we can be intimately bound to one another. more»
  • Je ne regret rien:  Live without regrets

    Cherry Hamilton 8 June 2012

    Lindsay Lohan recently had the words 'Live without regrets' tattooed onto her wrist. She is not alone in this sentiment. It seems that every time I read an interview of a celebrity with an, er, colourful history, they invariably say that despite their weekly trips to rehab, regular forays into prison and string of messy relationships, they have no regrets whatsoever. more»