Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture

This annual lecture in conjunction with Massey University, Auckland honours the memory and shares the contribution and legacy of a remarkable New Zealander, Sir Paul Reeves.

Each year, a significant thinker, scholar or academic in New Zealand society is invited to reflect upon the issues that engaged Sir Paul and that he was passionate about…justice, fairness and equality for all people.

His values emerged from a spirituality that encompassed both traditional and progressive thought and which underpinned his whole life. The Memorial Lecture advances public understanding and debate about significant issues of contemporary interest.

Here is his story, written by Gavin Maclean, Senior Historian at Manatū Taonga, Ministry of Culture and Heritage.


2017 Judge Sarah Reeves and Puna Wano-Bryant, Restoration, Redress, Reconciliation, A reflection on Parihaka and resolution of Māori-Crown grievances in the settlement era


Previous Lectures

2012 Professor Sir Mason Durie, Constitutional change in New Zealand: 2020 and Beyond

2013 Dr. Manuka Henare, Melodies Eternally New

2014 Professor Paul Moon, What’s past is prologue: nostalgia and utopianism in New Zealand

2015 Professor David V Williams, “The Treaty of Waitangi – The Magna Charta of New Zealand:
                   Rhetoric or Reality?

2016 Professor Michael Belgrave, Auckland in crisis: What should government do?


The Inaugural Vaughan Park Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture held at Vaughan Park on 16 July 2012  has been memorialised in the grounds of the Centre.

Prior to Professor Sir Mason Durie delivering the Lecture, a Kowhai tree was planted and a bronze plaque was placed beside the tree.  During the Festival of Mātāriki there was a blessing of the tree to mark this significant occasion.