Please support us in our Ministry

The Vaughan Trust was established on 27 February 1963 by the late Thomas Vaughan. Since then, it has been an oasis for both stranger and friend.

We give thanks for the people who have built Vaughan Park before us, whilst as current stewards, dream audaciously for the future. In that context, we have embarked on a five year vision, building for the future.

There is a commercial reality to enabling Vaughan Park to be a place of ‘generous hospitality’. To this end, we value any help you can give towards making sure Vaughan Park is a meeting place between the church and the market place.

Vaughan Park is a place of health, healing and wholeness for numerous people who come. Please consider sponsoring an individual or family whose circumstances would be helped by a subsidy towards their stay.

To Make a Donation

​Please feel free to contact Rev Iain Gow (Director) or Angus Ogilvie (Chair) on or respectively. They can talk to you about existing and new projects and every donation, irrespective of size, will support the ongoing life of Vaughan Park.

​Planned giving through your bank by automatic payment is available. A Tax Certificate will be issued at the end of March each financial year to enable you to claim your refund. All donations greater than $5 are eligible for a 33% tax credit.

A Legacy

Leaving a legacy through your Will is always a very helpful way to support a charity. Thank you for considering this.

Rev Iain Gow