The Spirituality of Music - I heard there was a secret chord

The Rev. Josh Jones

13 October 2018

This Retreat is a celebration and exploration of the power of music to transcend barriers of language, culture, age and race. As Bono of U2 said, “music can change the world because music can change people”. It is also a day to reflect on the themes expressed in Josh’s book, Music, Mystery and Me.

After a lifetime in music, including twenty-five years writing, recording and performing in a rock band, eight years singing to the elderly, and then the rather surprising twist of becoming an Anglican Priest, Josh has constantly been inspired and deeply moved by the power of music to speak into the core of the human spirit.

Josh and his friends would love you to join them for a day exploring and experiencing the themes of spirituality in the music of the Beatles, Coldplay, U2, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and others, along with a few of his own self-composed songs. Everyone will also share that much under-estimated spiritual discipline of fun!

What is it about music that penetrates and affects the human spirit on such a deep level? Ever since humans became a species, they have found ways to make instruments, however primitive, to create musical frequencies by blowing, bowing, plucking and striking. It’s inate. We know that these frequencies, these ‘good vibrations’ have the power to mysteriously touch and express our humanity.

Music is truly the language of the soul.

Led by The Rev. Josh Jones

Saturday 13th October 2018


includes retreat and dinner