Gently Tending Grief

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Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith and harpist, Julie Saraswati

7 September 2018

When someone we love dies, our lives change forever. Life as we have known it, feelings and emotions as we have known them, become strange and unfamiliar to us. It can be challenging to express how we really feel with family and friends, to find the space and freedom to grieve in our own way, in our own time and transition to a new way of living with loss.

In the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Vaughan Park Retreat Centre, you are invited to Gently Tending Grief, where you can come together with others who are bereaved, in a safe and supportive environment.

Nurture your mind, body and spirit…through music, film, sharing stories, quiet times, blessings, smiles and good food.

Gift yourself precious time to rest and refresh, be encouraged and strengthened.

‘I experienced the retreat as one of gentleness and care. I found connecting with others who were dealing with grief and loss very helpful. One thing I have learnt during this difficult transition is that true love is eternal…the love, warmth and tenderness that I feel for my best friend, devoted wife and loving partner is as strong as ever.’

‘I didn’t know what the retreat would bring and I was a little afraid to turn up. Yet the warm welcome, the gentleness, the empathy that was extended to me was so reassuring. A wonderful experience.’

‘It was good to be with others who were grieving. I didn’t feel so alone and was able to share how I felt with people who knew exactly how I was feeling.’

With Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith
and harpist, Julie Saraswati

Friday 7th September 5.45pm—8.30pm and
Saturday 8 September 2018

includes retreat, teas and lunch


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