Letters to a Missing Woman

Maree Aldridge

29 June 2018

Letters to a Missing Woman offers time and spaces to discover where, as women, we may have gone missing in our lives. Throughout the weekend, we will reflect on what is old and tired in our lives, what patterns we may have learned by rote, how we can let go, work through grief and loss, and learn to listen and be present with ourselves in a honouring and sacred encounter.

This is an interactive, creative and reflective process facilitated by Maree Aldridge, the author and artist of Letters to a Missing Woman, which weaves in and out of the fictional story and the story of our own lives as we traverse the inner pilgrimage of homecoming.

Being curious about what newness may emerge can inspire in us a desire for transformation to reconnect with ourselves and where our souls leads us.

It is the willingness to risk herself…that transforms Maree from artist and storyteller to becoming the art and the story. This is the power of her work.

~ Karen Morrison-Hume – Missioner, Anglican Action, Hamilton

What makes Maree’s work unusual is not that she reframes a sense of human lostness as an odyssey, a journey of searching, but that she does so by combining a collection of strong, moving and meaningful poetry and story, with gorgeous collage and images that engage with the text and vice versa.

~ Mark Pierson – Author, Worship Curator and Baptist Pastor

Facilitator: Maree Aldridge

6pm Friday 29 June—4pm Sunday 1 July 2018

Option 1: $219 includes retreat, teas, lunch and dinner
Option 2: $325 includes retreat, catering and
two nights accommodation

To register please email