Introduction to Mindfulness and Christianity

Linda Gow

25 May 2018

Mindfulness is the buzz word these days, infiltrating all sectors of society. It is highly recommended as both a preventative and curative strategy to manage stress, improve concentration, enhance relationships, improve emotional wellbeing, facilitate study, manage chronic pain and reduce the likelihood of burn out. Is there anything that Mindfulness can't do you may well ask!

Questions raised by some Christian people include, is mindfulness okay or is it encouraging people to embrace Eastern philosophy and spirituality? Does it somehow require us to empty our minds?

This workshop is based on the book, Being Mindful, Being Christian – A Guide to Mindful Discipleship, by Bretherton, Collicutt and Brickman, psychologists living and working the UK and members of the British Association of Christians in Psychology (BACIP).

We will explore, theoretically and practically the concept of mindfulness and how mindful awareness can enhance our lives and ministry as Christians.


Facilitator: Linda Gow

Friday 25 May 2018


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includes retreat, teas and lunch


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