Re-Visiting the Garden of Eden

The Rev. Joy MacCormick

17 February 2018

This is a Retreat for those open to exploring alternative understandings of this familiar and foundational story. Part seminar, part retreat, the weekend will include information, reflection time, and the opportunity to share responses.

What if the way in which the story of the Garden of Eden has traditionally been presented is not the only way in which it can be interpreted?

What if archeological excavations suggest that it is rooted in folk memories of actual historic events in the early prehistory of human societies and cultures?

What if it offers an alternative style of leadership to the dangerous power politics of our present time?

This will be the focus of our exploration and reflection on Saturday while on Sunday we will adopt a more theological approach as we ask:

What if the story is less about sin and alienation from God than a call to a deeper and more mature relationship?

Please bring an open mind, bible, pen and paper or journal, and any art materials you like to use.

Led by The Rev. Joy MacCormick

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February 2018


Option 1: $120 includes retreat, teas and lunch
Option 2: $205 includes retreat, catering and
two nights accommodation


To register please email: